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cLAIMS AND dispute resolution services 

Utilising our extensive dispute resolution knowledge, Foremost will endeavour to ensure that  parties to a contract fully understand their risks and obligations in order to minimise the number and size of disputes on a contract.

Expert opinion on  quantum and delay issues. 

An expert witness is appointed and instructed by either one of the parties in a dispute. The primary duty of the expert is to assist the Courts or a Tribunal on areas within his expertise. This overrides any obligation to the parties from whom the Expert received instructions or by whom he has been paid. 

Provision of support services for mediation, adjudication, arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Disputes occur frequently on projects for a variety of reasons and effective resolution of these requires good management and a particular range of skills and experience. A large proportion of Foremost Consultants work in Asia involves the management and the settlement of construction disputes. 

We have the necessary professional, technical and practical experience required to assist in the settlement process to ensure that disputes are settled efficiently and successfully whether by negotiation, or through more formal procedures.

We endeavour to encourage dialogue between parties to reach an amicable settlement wherever possible, avoiding the need for time consuming and costly resolution through the courts or arbitration.

Construction delay claims are one of the most common types of disputes in the construction industry.  Delays are typically caused by unexpected events or circumstances that prevent the project from being carried out as originally planned. There are many common causes for delays on a construction project.

These include unexpected site access restrictions or conditions, additional works, changes in the work scope, defective design, financial or labour difficulties, delays in document review and/or approval, inclement weather and Force Majeure events.  

Dispute processes can take up a disproportionate amount of a company’s managerial resources distracting them from actually running their project.  

Foremost can assist by working independently or by assisting client teams in conjunction with in-house staff or external legal professionals, many of whom are familiar with Foremost Consultants from previous assignments.

We can also act as Quantum, Delay or Technical Experts who provide independent professional reports and testimony for Court Hearings and Arbitration Tribunals.

The following services in construction dispute resolution are offered :-

  • Claim review/assessment and preparation of position and strategy reports
  • Claims preparation and negotiation (EOT and Loss & Expense & Variations)
  • Calculation of loss and expense and/or damages (LD's or General Damages)
  • Analysis of delay and disruption
  • Total dispute resolution management
  • Expert Reports and Expert Witness Services
  • Arbitration/Adjudication/Litigation/Mediation support services 
  • Advice on appropriate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

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Dispute Resolution.

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